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Since 2007, we have been monitoring our non-financial data using a specific tool for collecting and monitoring CSR indicators. At the time, we wanted to strengthen internal control to ensure better reliability of this non-financial data and to involve all of our international teams in this performance approach.

Taking Corporate Social Responsibility into account is a continuous improvement process, which advances and lives with the organization.

The complex specific development provided by our then service provider prevented us from changing our parameters and benefiting from regular software updates. This situation led us to reissue a call for tenders to publishers of non-financial reporting software.

Elaine Desvaux

Sustainable Development Project Manager

Why did you choose Tennaxia® after the tender?

During its prospecting phase, Tennaxia® first proposed to contact one of its customers already well established to share with him the experience he had with the tool and thus allow us to judge the relevance of the solution for our organization.

Another significant asset was the consultation and exchange efforts implemented by Tennaxia® with its customers. We were thus guaranteed a simple and flexible software development meeting the needs of the greatest number of people.

Finally, a dedicated team manages the project alongside the client and advises them on the best configuration solutions to adopt with regard to organizational changes and the needs of their company in terms of CSR.

What are the key points on which the success of this project is based?

The project was constrained by short deadlines. The approach proposed by Tennaxia® allowed us to quickly understand the major deadlines of the project. Workshops were organized with each business contact in order to understand their needs and to ensure that their expectations would be met.

Once the content was identified, our respective teams worked on setting up the parameters through pre-formatted files that ensured the mass import of information into the software.

The handling of these files relies on the professionalism of the Tennaxia® teams who were available to explain the operation and facilitate understanding. The project team is very accessible and favors regular phone calls to control its progress and maintain a regular dialogue with its customers to overcome any obstacle.

One of our main expectations was also the recovery of historical data in order to meet the principle of comparability of data over 3 years and not to lose all the work undertaken over the last 5 years. It is also a real comfort to be able to import data from our internal tools to avoid double data entry for our contributors while facilitating the CSR analysis under a single software!

What are the benefits of this project for your organization?

This project has become sustainable and allows a constant evolution of our setup since the beginning.

We have truly established a relationship of trust with Tennaxia®. A project of this magnitude (in the context of a company that is a world leader in its activity, in full external growth, of global stature, composed of more than 24,000 employees, and contributing to different business dimensions of the company) requires an in-depth reflection upstream on the nature of its organization, a complex subject in view of the matrix organization of the Group.

Today, we have been able to combine all the information that feeds our CSR report into a single tool, enabling each business manager to consolidate and manage the information according to his or her challenges and commitments.

Tennaxia® CSR Reporting has led us to a better control of the procedures on which our reporting is based. We have thus worked on enriching our procedure and facilitating the work of our auditors during the verification process.