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The implementation of a CSR reporting tool

“The Bel Group started its first non-financial reporting (CSR) in 2002 following the promulgation of the NRE law. The constant enrichment of environmental indicators gradually made reporting difficult to manage via a simple Excel file. The data was not secured and stored in a protected database, so there was a high risk of losing information.

We were also aware that this data collection format did not allow for the traceability of data as required by our extra-financial auditors: we were eager to improve our approach to achieve the publication and verification objectives to which we are subject. The simplified management by a reporting tool also aimed to save us time in terms of monitoring and analyzing data and thus enable us to carry out our action plans”.

Noël Pallez
Environment and Expertise Manager

Why did you choose tennaxia® CSR reporting?

When we received the applications for the call for tenders, Tennaxia® seemed to us to have a good grasp of the challenges of extra-financial reporting. Indeed, Tennaxia® ensures the reporting of other companies and understands the point of view of its users, going beyond the aspects of configuration and software development.

We quickly had the impression of a real continuity of our environmental reporting project, without questioning our existing system and with, as a bonus, the availability of new functionalities allowing to perfect our process.

What were the most significant assets throughout the project management process?

At the start of the project, we reviewed the relevance of our indicators with the CSR Consulting team and identified areas where we could improve our approach. This step was very beneficial: it allowed us to ask ourselves the right questions, particularly about the subjects to be studied in greater depth, and to complete the list of existing indicators in our Excel file.

We are also really satisfied to be able to recover our historical data from our last two collections. We can thus benefit, from our first year with Tennaxia®, from the operation of controls at the input via the comparison with the data collected last year. The need to collect data over two years is linked to the achievement of four-year targets used to manage our environmental approach.

The project management was pleasantly carried out by our two teams. Our Tennaxia® project manager was very professional in his approach and very attentive to our needs, which allowed for a very good quality of exchange and collaboration. He sent us, as we went along, the elements to be filled in to develop the right configuration. We found this very structuring. This phase-by-phase methodology enabled us to provide the information we were asked to provide without difficulty. The continuous involvement of a member of our IT department helped us to get used to Tennaxia’s pre-formatted Excel files, especially since our environmental data were also available in this format.

At no time did we encounter difficulties or have anything imposed on us. The non-financial reporting software adapted very well to our needs and even opened up the field of possibilities with functionalities that we had not necessarily thought of, in particular the management of indicators according to the nature of a site.

What benefits do you get from this project internally?

What are the benefits of this project internally? We wanted to share the success of this project with our colleagues
who contribute to social and societal reporting at our last
CSR seminar. We wanted to show them the real benefit of being able to
benefit from a system developed for extra-financial data collection and which
easy to use, with project management assistance for its configuration.
for its parameterization. Some of my colleagues were reassured to see how easy it was to implement and
to see how easy it was to implement and manage data via this CSR reporting software.
this CSR reporting software.

As Environment and Expertise Manager, I appreciate the simplicity with which I will now be able to carry out my internal benchmark and encourage all my sites to invest even more in our environmental approach.