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For more than 10 years

EverHSE offers you solutions for…

HSE and energy compliance watch

EverHSE enables SMEs to set up a reliable and simple customized HSE and Energy regulatory watch.

Waste management

EverHSE allows SMEs to manage your waste shipments as well as all your administrative documents (slips, register, declaration…), without wasting time and in full compliance.

Risk assessment and arduousness management

If the regulation provides a general framework on risk assessment and arduousness management, it is responsible for HSE and QSE people to implement and choose means and methods.


Our convictions and principles of action

  • An association “consulting + software in SaaS mode” (on the internet)
  • Simple, innovative software solutions that focus on their subject and whose implementation is simple
  • The right answer to the real needs of our clients
  • A long-term commitment to our clients who are included in a collective project

Discover our other solutions for…

Investors /

Easy data collection, sector benchmark and scoring, reporting by company: monitor the impact of your portfolio.

Boost your ESG performance

Large companies /

Deploy and manage your CSR or HSE approach thanks to market-leading software solutions and the expertise of consultants.

Structure your HSE and CSR processes

EverHSE : software dedicated to HSE or QHSE managers

Regulatory compliance and risk management are common issues for all companies, large and small. But in small companies, while the level of requirements is similar, there are often fewer people in charge of HSE and QHSE issues.

Equipping your HSE or QHSE manager with a software solution for monitoring and compliance therefore saves valuable time in researching and understanding the texts that apply to your company, and in assessing your compliance.

Waste management software

If you produce waste, you are responsible for it, from its management to its final disposal or recovery, whatever the size of your company. Using a waste management software allows you to secure the whole chain, thanks to traceability and to control your costs.

HSE risk management software

As for the control of risks at workstations, it is key to the sustainability of your company. Controlling it with a dedicated tool allows you to set up a real HSE risk management system, to identify and anticipate risk situations in order to better avoid or control them, and to produce the mandatory documents such as the DUERP (Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document).

EverHSE : your HSE or QHSE compliance partner

As an SME, you have the same level of constraints as larger companies, but specific needs. Through the EverHSE brand, Tennaxia® has put its know-how at the service of the needs of SMEs: simplified process and deployment, essential functionalities, use adapted to small teams… EverHSE has been the compliance partner of small companies for over 10 years.