White paper: 10 tips to choose an ESG reporting software

This white paper is aimed at anyone wishing to deploy a software solution for the collection, reliability and management of their CSR/ESG data, in order to meet regulatory requirements, foremost among which is the CSRD directive (but also the taxonomy and other forthcoming regulations).

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WHITE PAPER: How to conduct a double materiality assessment

This white paper will give you a general overview on this exercice, which is mandatory if your company is subject to the CSRD.

How to conduct it? How to define and evaluate I, R, Os (Impacts, Risks and Opportunities)? What for? You will find the answers in this document.

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Survey on extra-financial reporting practices – 11th edition

After 5 years of application of the Non-Financial Reporting Disclosure, the 11th Tennaxia study on reporting practices and ESG reports identifies developments and learnings from this first directive.

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