tennaxia® sustainable data

Manage your ESG impact and turn your reporting obligations into value creation

Depending on the edition you choose (Starter, Advanced or Premium):

  • You benefit from a questionnaire based on the questions usually asked by our clients on all ESG topics, including the carbon footprint of companies, the PAI and the European taxonomy;
  • You analyze the data collected from your investments via our powerful analysis functionalities and consolidate them according to your needs for your reports (by sector, by size, by fund, etc.);
  • You benefit from benchmarking functionalities: by sector or by company size;
  • You analyze the ESG maturity and the level of ambition for all or part of the companies via a sector scoring system developed by our experts;
  • You manage objectives and trajectories, in particular carbon trajectories;
  • You share action plans with the companies in your portfolio;
  • You communicate customized, very qualititative and detailed summary reports.

Pooling ESG data to create added value

What are the benefits?

With Tennaxia® Sustainable Data, you simplify the life of the companies in your portfolio: each of them answers only once the common questions asked by several applicants (investors, LP, GP, banks, insurance companies, etc.).

By participating in a more global and collaborative approach to ESG data collection, you benefit from industry benchmarking capabilities that go far beyond a benchmark within your portfolio. You get statistical, anonymized and consolidated data from all companies managed via the Tennaxia® Sustainable Data platform.

If you are a management company, you also automate reporting to your LP’s.

Our references

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Simple and efficient project management

Tennaxia® Sustainable Data software deployment

Tennaxia® Sustainable Data’s deployment process is fast, simple and perfectly secure.

Phase 1 : 100% personalized

Configuration of the system 100% personalized according to your organization, your portfolio, your data validation schemes, your indicators (text format, numeric, multiple choice, attachment …), and your customizable questionnaires. We may also collect your historical data.

Phase 2: Operational Data Collection

Management of all types of data at various frequencies according to your needs by the software. Data on common indicators with other investors are pooled and anonymised in order to allow sector benchmarking.

Phase 3: Reliability

Reliability of data entry via embedded intelligence and a robust data validation process.

Phase 4: Consolidation and Analysis

Realization of calculations that have been previously seen and validated with you and allow multi-axis consolidations taking into account the evolutions of your organization.

Phase 5: Visualization and Reporting

Access to a wide variety of reports, especially in “data visualization”: analyses, summaries, graphical reports… to allow you to share information, make decisions and act on your trajectories.

Personalized support

By your side every step of the way

To ensure the success of your project and the successful deployment of the solution, Tennaxia’s teams support you every step of the way.

Customer Success Manager

Your CSM will follow the tool and ensure that it reflects your ESG structure and strategy. Through its ESG expertise, your CSM can also assist you in defining your indicators (input checks, validation scheme, etc.). but also throughout your reporting campaign: monitoring the progress of data collection in real time (and reminder of the various interlocutors) analysis of the data entered “over time”, management of requests for justifications…


We set up a global management of user training according to their profile (ESG manager or investor of the management company, contributor of a company of the portfolio). Our CSMs are at your side to fully organize these trainings (management of invitations, follow-up of registrations …) and animate them.

Technical and operational support

The team of software consultants is at your disposal for all your technical questions.

To go further

Our consultants’ expertise

Do you need to define or refine your ESG strategy? Do you need to define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? Are you looking to structure your ESG approach? Don’t all your companies have the same CSR maturity? Are you having trouble boarding them? Our ESG and CSR consultants are at your side to support you in your project.


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The challenges

Choose our ESG reporting software for green finance

Regulations are evolving to push financial players towards more responsible finance, “green finance”. Multiplication of indicators, transparency obligations… LPs, GPs and more generally all investors (banks, insurance companies, etc.) must put themselves in battle order to produce reliable data for themselves and for their entire investment portfolio.

Revolutionize your ESG management with Tennaxia® Sustainable Data: a software for managing the ESG performance of your investments

The holdings of investment funds and bank clients do not all have the same degree of maturity in terms of ESG reporting. Data collection, reliability and consolidation can be complicated. Tennaxia® Sustainable Data is a software solution specifically designed to meet these challenges. She has been drawing on Tennaxia’s experience in ESG and CSR reporting for companies for many years. The platform makes it possible to really manage its impact and meet regulatory requirements and their evolutions.

The framework of financial actors

ESG reporting to meet regulatory requirements

The SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) is one of the structuring regulations that govern financial actors. It intervenes in addition to the French law article LEC 29 which replaces article 173.

The objectives of the SFDR Regulation:

  • Promote transparency of sustainable financial products through a clear and precise framework.
  • Obtain information on financial entities and products: with the integration of sustainability risks in investment processes and remuneration policies, the main adverse impacts (PAIs) of investment decisions on sustainability factors and classification of funds.

The funds are classified into 3 categories:

  • Article 6: The investment medium has no sustainability objective.
  • Article 8: The investment vehicle incorporates environmental or social characteristics, or a combination of these characteristics even if it is not the central point of its investment process.
  • Article 9: The investment medium has a sustainable investment objective. Sustainable objectives should be explained with details on how they are expected to be achieved and the evaluation of the results achieved on these aspects.

14 SFDR Indicators

Indicators to know to start a sustainable investment process with ESG reporting

  • GHG emissions.
  • Carbon footprint.
  • The GHG intensity of the companies receiving investments.
  • Exposure to companies active in the fossil fuel sector.
  • The share of non-renewable energy consumption and production.
  • Energy consumption intensity by high-impact climate sector.
  • Activities with a negative impact on biodiversity.
  • Aqueous discharges.
  • The share of hazardous waste.
  • Equal pay M/F.
  • Diversity on boards.
  • Violation of the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
  • Lack of processes and mechanisms to monitor compliance with the principles of the UN Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
  • Exposure to controversial weapons.