A strong partner and a key player

Tennaxia® designs, develops and implements solutions for the sustainable performance of companies and investors.




offices (Laval, Lyon, Paris)

Our 3 areas of expertise

Our software and consultants help companies go further on the path to sustainable performance in these 3 areas:


Environment, Social,


Social Responsibility


Safety, Environment

Testimonials of Tennaxians

I support my clients in the construction of their sustainability strategy but also in the drafting of their report, the construction of action plans,
policies and in responding to questionnaires.

I also support our clients in the deployment and use of the Tennaxia® Reporting software.

I chose Tennaxia® for the possibility of having this double expertise, very strategic on one-side and more data-oriented with the software.
We work on exciting, topical subjects and in an excellent atmosphere.

Clémentine, CSR Consultant and Customer Success Manager

My main mission is to ensure regulatory monitoring: Identify, analyze and interpret legal texts and guarantee the proper integration of these developments in our monitoring database.
I also produce intelligence bulletins for our clients.
I also carry out regulatory compliance audits directly with clients and provide regulatory technical assistance.
Within Tennaxia®, there is a great atmosphere. We have a team spirit which is really very important, very developed: A lot of mutual aid, a lot of kindness, a welcome process for newcomers well in place…
Another important point is the vigilance that management pays to ensure that there is always cohesion between the various departments. We are in 3 different places and there are company or service seminars to discuss and keep in touch.

We have great autonomy within our scope and we work with a wide variety of business sectors.

Jérôme, HSE consultant

I wanted to discover a company well established in its field with products used by thousands of users.
A friend told me about the sympathetic and serious atmosphere of Tennaxia®. He didn’t lie to me. He is still there and I joined him.
Each developer can put his stone to the building in terms of technological or technical choice. Each choice is freely discussed within the company.

Jonathan, Developer