HSE and Energy Monitoring

Since 2001, identifying the regulations applicable to their clients and making them “readable” has been the mission of Tennaxia’s consultants (in France) and its partners (abroad).

  • HSE and Energy documentary collection: your Tennaxia® consultant lists the texts applicable to your site or group based on a documentary analysis and a visit to the facilities (when possible). It identifies for you the main requirements of each of the texts. The set is accessible to you on the Tennaxia® online platform.
  • HSE and Energy regulatory watch: regulatory monitoring consists of regularly updating the documentary collection according to the evolution of the regulations and that of your activities. The frequency of this update is calibrated according to your needs. Each update is accompanied by the sending of a “watch bulletin” and is the subject of a telephone point. To guarantee the high quality of our services, we have an internal process requiring validation and control of its HSE and energy monitoring.

In addition:

  • With regulatory compliance management software , you effectively address all aspects of compliance monitoring by meeting both the operational needs of local regulatory monitoring and group management.
  • Your Tennaxia® consultant can also carry out a regulatory compliance audit to perceive the impact of the actions implemented and to define future areas for improvement.
  • If necessary, Tennaxia® and its partners build the international project adapted to your needs.

Safety and malicious monitoring

This service, which is aimed at groups in France and their establishments, provides reliable and accurate information on the texts applicable in this field.

The service takes place in 2 stages:

1. Establishment of the regulatory code (list of texts applicable to the client)

To establish the list of applicable texts, the consultant creates a map of the site(s) concerned (questionnaire, interviews with the persons in charge of security, visit if necessary). This regulatory compendium is made available to you in the Tennaxia® software, allowing users to consult the texts and easily find information using the powerful search engine.

2. Updating the regulatory code = monitoring

Every month or quarter, depending on the service selected, the consultant sends you the regulatory news. It provides a personalized comment to the summaries already proposed as standard on the text. This unique comment to each customer makes it possible to deliver a “tailor-made” service.

For customers who wish, this malicious security monitoring service can be supplemented by a regulatory compliance audit. Our compliance monitoring and audit services, relating to the safety of people and tangible and intangible assets, cover the following topics:

  • Access to sites: access control systems, biometrics
  • Surveillance and guarding alarm devices, private security companies (authorizations, etc.)
  • Video surveillance, remote monitoring and geolocationchip
  • Special provisions for sensitive establishments: Seveso sites, explosives depots, etc.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (CSTMD)

The service of Safety Advisor for the transport of dangerous goods ensures:

  • The initial ADR diagnosis
  • ADR training
  • Advice and assistance – CSTMD

ISO support

Tennaxia® consultants accompany you throughout the process:

The launch of the project

  • Training of the project team
  • Identification of possible obstacles to certification
  • Help in defining the scope of certificationchip
  • Support in determining stakeholder issues and expectations


  • Implementation and integration of your processes
  • Staff awareness, identification of necessary skills and adequate training processes
  • Support for HSE & Energy operational control
  • Construction of the document system


  • Management Review Process
  • Recommendation for priority actions
  • Definition of continuous improvement tools
  • Possibility of post-certification support


  • Identification of legal requirements and compliance obligations
  • Definition of the methodology for identifying and assessing HSE risks and energy uses
  • Development of objectives and action plans
  • Identification of risks and opportunities


  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment
  • Conducting internal audits
  • Review of identified gaps
  • Nonconformities and corrective actions