5 steps

A tool to combine efficiency and safety

  1. Access the regulatory texts that apply to you and the requirements they contain.
  2. Select and manage applicable requirements per site.
  3. Record your compliance status by installation.
  4. Manage any corrective action plans in real time.
  5. Facilitate your HSE governance at group level.

Are you an SME? Discover the dedicated solution:

What are the benefits?

  • Control and reduce your costs by avoiding unpleasant surprises.
  • Secure your current and future operations.
  • Secure your regulatory compliance management process.
  • Future-proof your management systems (ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, MASE, ILO-OSH 2001…).
  • Develop a common language at the group level.

Simple and efficient project management

Deployment of Tennaxia® Regulatory Monitoring software

The Tennaxia® Compliance Monitoring software deployment process is fast, simple and perfectly secure.

Comprehensive management of the compliance process

  • Selection of regulatory requirements from regulatory monitoring.
  • Management of the facilities and work units of your sites.
  • Census of ICPE (Classified Installations for the Protection of the Environment).
  • Management of “requirement/installation” and “requirement/unit of work” compliance states.
  • Setting up alerts in the event of a regulatory change impacting your compliance.
  • Edition of numerous dashboards for true HSE compliance management.

Complete control of your compliance plan

  • Management of your compliance action plans.
  • Actions sharing.
  • Alerts.

Tailor-made support

At your side every step of the way

We ensure the overall management of your HSE compliance project.


Hotline accessible to all users.

FAST deployment

A rapid deployment of the application to allow everyone to work on their perimeter, regardless of their profile.


User training in the use of the software, adapted to different profiles.

Compliance Audit

If necessary, a compliance audit can be carried out to perceive the impact of the actions implemented and to define future points of improvement.

To go further

Our consultants’ expertise

Our HSE consultants can assist you on various topics:

  • Personalized support on HSE and energy regulatory monitoring.
  • Personalized support on the Safety and Malevolence watch.
  • HSE compliance audit (in particular in the context of management systems (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, MASE, ILO-OSH 2001…).
  • Transport of dangerous goods: initial ADR diagnosis, ADR training, advice and assistance (CSTMD).
  • ISO support to launch your certification process (with optional management system diagnosis, blank audit and training in standards and their implementation).


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What for?

Set up a regulatory watch

HSE regulatory monitoring is mainly used to identify all the texts and regulatory requirements that affect an industrial activity in terms of environmental, health and safety management, and this from a corporate compliance management perspective . Indeed, beyond knowing the list of regulatory requirements that apply to it, a company will be especially interested in knowing whether it complies with them and, in the event of a negative answer, to be able to define an appropriate action plan.

Some figures on regulatory monitoring

There are many regulatory texts in France:

3 000

applicable regulatory requirements * (typically between 2,500 and 3,500 requirements; a text typically containing multiple regulatory requirements).

30 %

of the applicable texts (and 15% of the applicable requirements) are amended each year.

(*) A requirement is defined as a homogeneous part of a text or one of its articles explaining a particular obligation.

However, non-compliance can have variable consequences for the company: from a simple fine to the cessation of operation, including aggravating circumstances or non-compensation in the event of an accident or disaster.

For the companies concerned, the implementation of an ISO 14 001 or ISO 45001 management system implies regular monitoring of regulatory changes. Therefore, it seems essential to organize to set up a real regulatory watch that is both effective, pragmatic, and sustainable.

5 steps to…

Integrate an effective regulatory monitoring process

Step 1: Select your sources of information

It is prudent to consult several external sources, including official sources and those of business specialists. For example, the Legifrance website lists national laws, decrees, codes and decrees. The website of the OJ (Official Journal of the French Republic) allows you to consult and be informed of legislative and regulatory news in France. As for the BOs (Official Bulletins of the various ministries), they include all the texts classified by field. It will be necessary to select the ministries working in the fields of health, safety, environment, and energy (for example: BO of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy).

Step 2: Analyze and select potentially applicable texts

A first sorting can usually be done by observing the title of each text and checking the organization at the origin of its publication.

Step 3 – Deepen the analysis by summarizing each text

During this step, ask yourself the following questions: What is the general regulatory scope of this text? That is to say: what does this text impose on the site(s)? What are the main provisions? How long does it take?

Step 4: Identify the requirements applicable to each site

This step consists of selecting the requirements actually applicable to the site(s ) within each of the texts that concern this site(s).

Step 5: Progress towards compliance

It is the analysis (regulatory audit), requirement by requirement, of the compliance of the site(s). The objective is to know its compliance status in order to identify the actions required for better compliance.

The Tennaxia® Regulatory Watch software (and the version adapted to SMEs EverHSE Regulatory Watch) makes it possible to carry out these steps simply and serenely and to respond to the particular difficulty of text modifications.