A complete and personalized solution

  • Facilitate your day-to-day regulatory management
  • Ensure the completeness of your applicable texts
  • Make your HSE regulatory watch more reliable
  • Facilitate your regulatory base update
  • Easily answer all regulatory questions from your colleagues and auditors
  • Drive your improvement
  • Get expert advice by email AND phone
  • Benefit from on-site support, if you wish

Manage efficiently

Why use the EverHSE solution?

Identify applicable texts

Our HSE consultants support you to:

  • Identify and select applicable regulations
  • Dissect and translate into “fluent French” the applicable texts
  • Send you each month the texts that correspond to you by e-mail, explained simply

Manage your compliance

The software solution allows you to:

  • Assess your compliance
  • Define action plans
  • Track their progress through dashboards

Save time

  • Intuitive ergonomics
  • Innovative and convenient search engine
  • One-click compliance assessment
  • A team of experienced multidisciplinary consultants (lawyers and engineers) (+ 10 years of experience on average).

A high value-added solution

  • Provision of practical regulatory summaries
  • Secure certification audits
  • 100% compliant solution (14001, 45001, 50001, MASE…)
  • Club EverHSE with sharing and involvement of our customers
  • Periodic webinars to progress together: our “e-Training”
  • On-site support with sharing of skills

Our HSE compliance monitoring formulas


The standard package includes :

Personalized HSE Energy regulatory reference (with only the texts that concern you)

Monthly update of texts & Monitoring bulletin sent by email

Summary of each text

Access to full texts with pre-identified requirements

Assessment and follow-up of nonconformities text by text

Management of associated action plans

Management via interactive dashboards

Powerful search engine facilitating access to regulatory information in texts


Includes the standard formula, plus :

Unlimited remote support (regulatory hotline & quarterly monitoring committee)


Includes the Enterprise plan, plus :

On-site launch day with “Form’action”

Our offers are valid for one year, without tacit renewal. Whatever the formula chosen, specific accompaniment can be carried out within the company of our clients.

They use our EverHSE solution

“EverHSE is a very well-suited tool for an SME. Regulatory monitoring is effective and the team remains attentive, always close to customer expectations and deals with topics quickly. We are very satisfied. »

Guillaume HEBRAUD QHSE Manager chez BESSAC


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EverHSE offers you other solutions for…

Managing your waste

EverHSE allows SMEs to manage your waste shipments as well as all your administrative documents (slips, register, declaration…), without wasting time and in full compliance.

Risk assessment and management of hardship

While the regulations provide a general framework for risk assessment and the management of arduousness, it is up to the HSE and QSE managers to implement and choose the means and methods.