A complete and personalized solution

  • Determine units of work.
  • Identify and assess hazards and risks reliably and easily.
  • Define the positions subject to “arduousness” factors.
  • Establish safety instructions at the station.
  • Follow prevention actions

Pre-configured solution – simple – intuitive

Why use the EverHSE solution?

Choose an ergonomic, simple, SaaS and secure solution.

Ensure the relevance of your assessment of hardship risks

  • Easily identify your hazards and risks with built-in libraries.
  • Assess your risks using an effective scoring method
  • Determine your strenuous jobs with pre-configured hardship factors.

Ensure compliance

  • Easily carry out your safety instructions at the station.
  • Edit your Single Document in one click in Excel format.
  • Manage your risk prevention actions.

Save time

  • Make your update in 3 clicks.
  • Take into account your means of mastery simply.
  • Automatically calculate your workforce affected by arduousness.

Demonstrated expertise

  • Team of HSE consultants carrying out regular hardship risk assessments.
  • Hazard and Risk Libraries Inspired by INRS ED840.
  • Scoring method inspired by CARSAT methods.
  • Secure certification audits (OHSAS18001, MASE, ILO…).
  • EverHSE Customer Club for experience sharing.
  • e-Training to progress together.

Our risk management formulas


The standard package includes:

Conduct your hazard and risk inventory

Benefit from integrated libraries inspired by INRS

Assess your risks using a simple and approved method

Determine your positions exposed to hardship factors

Automatically calculate your workforce exposed to hardship factors

Edit your Single Document

Carry out your instructions at the workstation


Includes the standard formula, plus:

Recovery of your data


Includes the Enterprise plan, plus:

On-site support

Our offers are valid for one year, without tacit renewal. Whatever the formula chosen, specific accompaniment can be carried out within the company of our clients.


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