Meet Morgan Bourc’his

Morgan Bourc’his is a freediver. He lives in Marseille (France) where he divides his life between his training and the various activities he undertakes. He is in turn ambassador for various brands, speaker for companies, international freediving instructor and sometimes even underwater stuntman. Morgan is a three-time freediving world champion, winning titles in 2008, 2013 and 2019. It has an almost fusional relationship with the sea that today goes beyond the sporting framework. Morgan is involved in thinking about our impact on the environment and in particular the oceans. Involved at the associative level, he also participates in documentary expeditions to highlight our relationship with the great savage. Tennaxia® has been a historical partner since 2009 alongside the freediver and supports him both for his sporting achievements and for his commitments to the preservation of the planet.

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Meet Rémy Marion

Rémy Marion is a photographer passionate about nature. He is in direct observation of the impact of humans on the environment. Our meeting with Rémy in 2009 was obvious, because of his personality but also his passion… the bear. Present in our logo, the bear is above all a strong symbol in our world. Talking about life, polar bears in particular, is very revealing of climate change… We created together the association Pôles Actions in 2010. Its purpose is to carry out awareness-raising, education and research assistance activities in the polar and subpolar regions. All its founding members are involved in the protection of these regions, through their professional and/or personal activities.

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Meet Luc Boisnard

Business leader, author and speaker, Luc Boisnard led an operation to clean up Everest, 8,848 m, in 2010, with the support of Tennaxia®.
In 2023, we are proud to support him again on Himalayan Clean Up Operation, this time with a double depollution: that of Mount Makalu and Anapurnas. The goal: to bring down 5 to 10 tons of waste and burn it rather than deposit it in landfill. In addition to its financial support, Tennaxia® will calculate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of this waste to help offset them.

Tennaxia® also supported Luc Boisnard in demonstrating that rope work, the core business of his company Ouest Accro, is much less emitting than other access solutions such as scaffolding and nacelles.

Himalayan clean up project supported by Tennaxia - Luc Boisnard

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