Tennaxia, an expert by your side

Tennaxia supports multi-site companies (> 5 sites) which will be subject to the CSRD:

  • Large groups and midcaps in all sectors of activity listed on the stock exchange or held by private investors (family businesses, capital investment funds, etc.)
  • or subject to reporting obligations from their investors, banks, customers and/or any other external stakeholders
  • on the entire management of ESG issues and indicators

Thanks to :

  • A secure and innovative SaaS platform (> 20,000 customer sites managed worldwide)
  • The expertise of consultants (40 consultants and CSR/ESG project managers)

The ESRS and some 650 associated indicators are already integrated into the platform !

What are the benefits?

Sustainably manage your performance

  • Manage your CSR performance at all levels of the company at a controlled cost.
  • Share credible internal and external communications with robust data
  • Quickly visualize key information to guide your decisions
  • Identify your extra-financial performance levers
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements (CSRD KPIs and European taxonomy) and facilitate audits by independent third-party organizations
  • Simplify your life and that of your local correspondents.

Tailor-made settings

A customized solution according to your needs

With Tennaxia® CSR Reporting, you benefit from the robustness of a tool already deployed on more than 20,000 customer sites, custom-configured for you, to correspond 100% to your company (organization by country, business unit, activity…) and meet your specific challenges (your objectives and your KPIs).

  1. Have controlled and reliable CSR data and ensure their auditability.
  2. Meet regulatory requirements with on-board indicators required for CSRD.
  3. Analyze time changes and compare the performance of your entities.
  4. Set global and local goals and follow the trajectories.
  5. Support your entities and manage your action plans.
  6. Facilitate your communications (reporting to stakeholders, including investors) and regulatory reporting).
  7. Engage your teams by sharing information and best practices.

With Tennaxia® CSR Reporting, you manage ALL your indicators (Environmental, including scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon footprint ), Social and Governance on ONE platform.

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Simple and efficient project management

Deployment of Tennaxia® CSR Reporting software?

The Tennaxia® Reporting deployment process is fast, simple and perfectly secure.

Phase 1: Setup

Configuration of the system 100% personalized according to your organization, your data validation schemes, your indicators (whatever the type and format (text, numeric, multiple choice, attachment …) and your customizable questionnaires. We may also collect your historical data.

Phase 2: Collection

Collection of operational data. The software manages all types of data at various frequencies according to your needs.

Phase 3: Reliability

Reliability of data entry via embedded intelligence and a robust data validation process.

Phase 4: Consolidation

Realization of calculations that have been previously seen and validated with you and allows multi-axis consolidations taking into account the evolutions of your organization.

Phase 5: Visualization

Access to a wide variety of reports, especially in “data visualization” (analyses, summaries, graphical reports, etc.) to allow you to share information, make decisions and act on your trajectories.

Personalized support

by your side every step of the way

To ensure the success of your project and the successful deployment of the solution, Tennaxia’s teams support you every step of the way.

Customer Success Manager

In charge of setting up the tool and ensuring that it reflects your organization and your strategy. It can even assist you in defining your indicators (input checks, validation workflow, etc.) but also throughout your CSR reporting campaign: monitoring the progress of data collection in real time (and reminder of the various interlocutors) analysis of data entered “over time”, management of requests for justifications…


We set up a global management of user training according to their profile (contributor, validator and approver). We are at your side to organize these training courses (management of invitations, follow-up of registrations …).

Technical support

The team of software consultants is at your disposal for all your technical questions.

To go further

Our consultants’ expertise

You are aware that you need a tool to manage your extra-financial performance, but your CSR approach is not yet finalized? You need to perform a materiality or double-materiality analysis but don’t know how? Having trouble choosing your KPIs?

Our CSR consultants can assist you in the upstream phases of the software, but also downstream (report writing – DPEF, integrated report, CSRD…).


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More than a regulatory requirement

Engage in a CSR approach with our reporting solution

With the implementation of the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), nearly 50,000 European companies will have to make available information and data every year on their social and environmental impacts, as well as on the ESG risks they face.

Whether for regulatory reasons (such as the upcoming CSRD or the current Extra-Financial Performance Declaration), managing your operational performance or steering your CSR policy, you have committed to a CSR reporting process in order to publish CSR information to your stakeholders, via a sustainability report.

Tennaxia® CSR reporting: a complete software solution more than just a tool

Without a dedicated software solution, the implementation of CSR reporting via tools such as Excel or Share Point creates a number of constraints.

  • CSR reporting is a complex process to implement, with contributors, validators and central consolidation.
  • It requires collecting and consolidating all necessary types of data, sometimes in heterogeneous formats.
  • It is essential to make the very large amount of data collected more reliable, whether through input checks or requests for supporting documents.
  • The management of the data validation process and the exchanges between the different people involved must be clearly defined. It is often difficult to audit.
  • The company must be able to calculate consolidated data on any perimeter at any time.
  • It is often necessary to repeat the whole process when you have different CSR reporting standards (for “top management”, DPEF, GRI …) , or respond to extra-financial rating agencies (CDP, SASB, etc.).
  • The management of its key performance indicators, such as the sharing of results with contributing sites, not to mention the monitoring of objectives, requires a great deal of manipulation.

Yet there are dedicated methodologies and solutions, simple to implement, to make CSR reporting both effective and sustainable.

Sustainability reporting

Manage your sustainable performance with CSR reporting

Efficient sustainability reporting (or CSR reporting) requires good content, i.e. relevant questions and indicators, but also a good process, i.e. a good methodology and good time management: managing the different steps within the set deadlines, having a motivated and involved team throughout the process and software perfectly adapted to CSR reporting and its characteristics.

The Tennaxia® CSR Reporting software makes it possible to manage its sustainable performance, whatever the scopes, the framework (GRI framework, Global Compact, ODD, SASB, TCFD, VRF …), THE KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (KPIs): carbon emissions on the 3 scopes, the impact on biodiversity, inclusion, diversity …

Manage your indicators, their trajectory towards achieving your objectives and increment means of action on a single platform. And give read-only access to Independent Third Party Organizations (OTOs) or any auditor who monitors your data.