The principle: define the issues and measure progress

The ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) are European standards, harmonized reporting standards which cover twelve themes based on 3 main pillars: Environment, Social and Governance.

The double materiality analysis tells you which ones you will need to publish information about.

With the Tennaxia CSRD Gap Analysis software solution:

  • Access all the texts and data points concerned by the ESRS
  • List those that are material to your business
  • Evaluate the progress regarding the publication of this information
  • Ensure the auditability of the data by attaching all types of comments, particularly for qualitative and supporting data points
  • Simplify your monitoring by visualizing the progress of CSRD implementation.


This solution is part of the Integrated CSRD approach, developed by Tennaxia after more than 15 years of supporting around a hundred companies (ETIs and Large Groups) on extra-financial reporting subjects.

This approach allows you to respond to your compliance challenges by covering all the CSRD prerequisites:

  • Double materiality analysis carried out by our CSR consultants
  • Gap analysis carried out with the software solution, with the help of our CSR consultants in addition if necessary
  • Collection, reliability, consolidation of data with the reporting software solution
  • Preparation for the audit if you wish with the help of our CSR consultants and “auditor” access to the software suite for perfect traceability of your data, exchanges and supporting documents.