As a software publisher, Tennaxia® has in its teams a large number of developers, guarantors of:

  • The quality and reliability of existing solutions;
  • Their continuous improvement through the creation of new features.
  • The adaptation of solutions to the requirements of a constantly evolving sector (health, safety, environment, and sustainable development).

Since the beginning, to remain a leader in its markets, Tennaxia® has been able to place innovation and R&D at the heart of its developments. Meeting technical challenges, working on various projects developed with the latest technologies and being part of a close-knit team, that’s what being a developer at Tennaxia® is all about.

Product Managers

Guarantors of the adequacy of our solutions to the needs of our customers, product managers are the link between the technical teams in charge of development and those who are in direct contact with customers on a daily basis (sales, CSM, consultants).

Responsible for analyzing and transcribing the needs of some into roadmaps for others, they must be creative to find the most appropriate solutions but also have a spirit of synthesis and real writing skills. They streamline communication, processes and progress between the different teams with whom they exchange. Through their organization and their sense of contact, they ensure the continuous improvement of our solutions in a controlled and ambitious schedule.

CSM (Customer Success Manager)

CSMs support clients in the deployment and use of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) reporting software solutions.

Based on a detailed analysis of each client’s needs, the CSM creates the questionnaires and settings that will make the software a real tool for collecting and analyzing CSR data and therefore for managing its approach.

Based on a detailed analysis of each client’s needs, the CSM creates the questionnaires and settings that will make the software a real tool for collecting and analyzing CSR data and therefore for managing its approach. In direct contact with clients, CSMs must have a detailed understanding of their issues, a great ability to listen and synthesize and a very good knowledge of the fields of CSR and ESG.

Their work is data-driven… And the human! Each CSM has its own client portfolio. This privileged relationship allows him to be truly proactive in his accompaniment.

CSR Consultants

Our consultants support companies and management companies to help better take into account and manage their social, societal and environmental impacts.

From the analysis of dual materiality to the publication of regulatory or voluntary CSR reports, through the formalization of operational CSR strategies, the missions of CSR/ESG consultants vary according to the needs of each client: animation of workshops, definition of operational commitments, co-construction of action plans, structuring of reporting, carbon® footprint , responses to non-financial rating agencies…

®Pedagogues and versatile, our consultants know how to adapt to each situation, regardless of the interlocutor or the company. They build lasting and trusting relationships with their customers to support them in their transformation. Beyond their expertise on CSR and ESG topics, Tennaxia® consultants demonstrate autonomy, creativity, proactivity and mastery of project management.

HSE Consultants

Our HSE consultants (legal or engineering training) have 4 main missions :

  • Ensure regulatory monitoring (identify, analyze, interpret changes in legislation in safety, environment, energy and safety and be responsible for the proper integration of these developments and the breakdown into requirements in the documentary database of our HSE monitoring software);
  • Produce regulatory monitoring bulletins for their customer portfolio.
  • Conduct regulatory compliance audits at clients’ premises and integrate audit findings into their Tennaxia® database;
  • Provide technical assistance to clients’ practical regulatory issues.

Our HSE consultants place the needs of their clients at the heart of their actions to provide them with personalized support according to their sector, their scope and their challenges. They also actively participate in the functioning of the team (syntheses, sharing of knowledge and experience) and can write articles on our regulatory blog.

Software Solution Consultants

Software solution consultantshave varied and complementary skills. Multidisciplinary, the team is an expert in Tennaxia® and EverHSE software solutions. Its role is to make life easier for customers and employees by supporting them towards an optimal use, that is to say controlled and adapted, of the solutions. These consultants must therefore be able to analyze and understand the needs of internal and external users to provide relevant answers that allow us to give the best of our tools.


Whether they are responsible for a portfolio of existing clients or business development, our teams are divided by major area (ESG, CSR and HSE) to ensure they have the finest understanding of the needs and issues (strategic, operational and regulatory) of their interlocutors. In the same vein, the EverHSE brand, which focuses exclusively on offering HSE to SMEs, has its own sales force.

Involved in the organization and animation of Tennaxia® Clubs, a moment of privileged exchanges between teams and customers, sales representatives are also a force of proposal thanks to the feedback they have. Their reflection is regularly nourished by exchanges with the teams of consultants. Respect for the customer and the proposal of solutions always in perfect harmony with his needs and desire for support and building a long-term relationship guide our speech and our actions.

Transversal functions

Sales administration, human resources, accounting, communication… All the services necessary for the proper functioning of the company are of course represented at Tennaxia®. The common point between all: a client-oriented focus and the taste for teamwork!