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HSE management

Arkema is a global leader in the chemical industry. Because of our core business, HSE (health, safety and environment) issues have always been an essential part of our organization.

As you know, Arkema was created as a result of the reorganization of the TOTAL Group’s Chemicals Division in 2004. At that time, our operating methods were based primarily on management tools implemented within the business. After this separation, the Arkema group began looking for a waste management software. This solution had to meet two objectives:

  • Implement a consistent methodology across all sites;
  • To maintain a perfect regulatory compliance.

The company Tennaxia® was chosen as provider, and its waste solution, composed of a software solution SaaS (Software as a Service) and consulting services, has met our requirements. The implementation of the Tennaxia® waste solution within Arkema was done gradually, site by site. This type of operation allowed us to quickly confirm the quality of the Tennaxia® service, and then to deploy it on all our sites. The employees concerned benefited from a complete support during the implementation of the solution, via business and software training provided by the Tennaxia® team.”

Bernard Lamy
Safety and Environment Department

When did you decide to add the Regulatory Intelligence solution to your tennaxia® offer?

We then chose to turn again to Tennaxia® for the outsourcing of our regulatory monitoring. Previously, the regulatory monitoring of the group was done internally and then distributed to all sites in the form of a monthly report. Following some internal changes, the group found itself unable to continue to manage its regulatory monitoring alone. The challenges of this project were to :

  • Have a common platform;
  • Facilitate data access and sharing;
  • Meet the need for regulatory compliance;
  • Improve the group’s view of the compliance status of the sites.

The Tennaxia® Regulatory solution was deployed on our sites while respecting the organization already in place at Arkema: thanks to this, we were able to keep all the regulatory data collected before.

What are the positive points you have observed within Arkema since the choice of the Tennaxia® solution?

With the Tennaxia® Waste software, we now have an easy-to-use platform, thanks to which we are able to ensure the traceability of waste shipments made on any site of the group. This tool gives us access to a common database, in compliance with the regulations, listing the BSDs, information on our intermediaries and service providers, etc., for all our sites. This makes our administrative management easier and reduces our costs.

Concerning the Tennaxia® Regulatory software, this management tool allows us to manage the regulatory compliance of each site, easily and simply, on the basis of national and local texts. The scope of Tennaxia’s competences also allows us to complete our offer according to our needs: it is possible to ask for additional services on our sites, such as for example the realization of an audit in order to determine our level of regulatory compliance. From a group point of view, the fact of centralizing information allows us to have an overview of the compliance situation at the corporate level.

What do you particularly like about the way Tennaxia® works?

The Tennaxia® offer allows us today to have a complete solution, in compliance with the regulations in force and usable on all sites. In addition, the expertise and quality of service that Tennaxia® has demonstrated since the beginning of our partnership has allowed us to establish a relationship of trust between our two companies. Regularly, we transmit our feedback on the use of these two solutions (by phone / email, via the annual satisfaction survey, during the Tennaxia® Club …) so that Tennaxia® can develop its offer always more in line with the needs inherent in the business. This understanding of the needs by Tennaxia® is an appreciated aspect in our partnership.