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The pierre fabre group tells us

The implementation of Waste Management and CSR Reporting solutions

“Our history with Tennaxia® goes back to 2006 with the implementation of the Waste Management and CSR Reporting solutions. At the time, we already had a multitude of sites throughout France, which meant a large number of actors for the management of waste of the group. Juggling the different methodologies of our partners, especially when it came to filling out the BSD (Bordereaux de Suivi des Déchets) was becoming problematic. This is why we decided to look for a solution that would allow us to make this process more reliable.

The Tennaxia® Waste solution was able to meet our needs from the beginning: in addition to allowing the pre-filling and printing of BSDs, the Waste software also allows us to achieve a precise budgetary management and to quickly identify the levers to improve our waste management.

At the same time, Pierre Fabre embarked on a voluntary CSR reporting process (at the time, the group was not yet subject to the Grenelle 2 regulatory obligation regarding corporate transparency in social and environmental matters). The data collection was done on Excel, which ended up being a “gas factory” where the methodology was not defined and the information collected was therefore impossible to use.

We therefore wanted a solution that would allow us to have a common platform, pre-configurable, which we could access at each level of processing. The implementation of the Tennaxia® CSR Reporting solution allowed us to simplify the collection of information on the one hand and to facilitate the reporting of this data on the other.”

Séverine Furnemont
Environment and Sustainable Development Manager

What made you decide to add the regulatory monitoring and HSE management solutions to your tennaxia® offer?

Two years later, we decided to add the Regulatory Watch software to our Tennaxia® offer. Previously, the work was very tedious: our department was reading the OJ every week, photocopying the potentially applicable texts and distributing them to the sites without having any means of follow-up afterwards. This required a lot of processing time, for almost unknown results. In addition, 2008 was a particularly busy year in terms of regulatory publications, both in the Labor Code and the Environmental Code. It was at this point that we decided to transfer the regulatory monitoring to a service provider.

The Tennaxia® solution offers several advantages, at several levels. First, at the corporate level, the software in SaaS mode allows our department to distribute the regulatory texts to each site, easily and simply. Secondly, the quality of the monitoring performed by Tennaxia® consultants facilitates the work of employees on site who have clearly available the essential information. And this thanks to the summary of the regulatory text, to the highlighting of the important points, as well as to the personalized comments accompanying the monitoring bulletin. They allow to popularize the regulation, which can seem very complicated and legal at first sight.

In addition, if in the future one of our sites wishes to embark on a certification process, the implementation of the Regulatory Watch solution will allow it to already have half of the work done, on a practical and user-friendly tool that will greatly facilitate the management of its regulatory compliance.

We also decided to add the HSE Management solution to our toolbox. Previously, risk analyses were performed without a well-defined methodology. The risks were rated differently at each site, which caused us problems in analyzing them at the corporate level. Thanks to the customized pre-configuration that we have done on the Tennaxia® Management HSE software, we have been able to define a single methodology for all our sites, which has quickly homogenized the practices of each one and allowed a clearer visualization of the risk management at the group level.

Could you describe your relationship with Tennaxia® today?

When we made the decision to turn to Tennaxia® ten years ago, it was because we were looking for a waste management solution.

Today we use all Tennaxia® solutions, and we are just as satisfied as we were at the beginning. The reason is simple: Tennaxia’s business model is based on the consideration of customer expectations.

The proposed tools are co-constructed with the customers, which makes it possible to have very “business” solutions at the end. This obviously favors the acceptance of the operational staff on site, which is reflected in these tools. Finally, the quality of the project follow-up is excellent: you can feel that they too are concerned that the project works perfectly.