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Case study – PSA Group

Uses Tennaxia to ensure environmental data reliability



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Interview with Sarah Shafiezadeh, Environmental reporting manager, PSA Group.


Why did you choose to work with Tennaxia over others ?


Sarah Shafiezadeh : « The RFP was launched to meet the need for collecting environmental data for the Peugeot Citroen Retail activity. In the past, we used an internal tool that had showed its limitations in terms of data collection and reliability. During the RFP process we met many sustainability reporting software publishers, including Tennaxia which was already being used by one of our subsidiaries, Faurecia. Quite quickly, they caught our eye.

We liked the company’s collaborative approach to help clients improve their reporting tool. It was the only service provider willing to adapt to our needs and to discuss any changes we may want in the future. Surprisingly, we were even offered a complementary service: managing training for all our users. The attractive price of the service, combined with the adaptability of the offer, made us quickly decide to team up with Tennaxia. »


What significant advantages does Tennaxia have in terms of project management in addition to just providing software ?


Sarah Shafiezadeh : « The project manager we work with takes a very structured approach and has a clear and effective organization. We immediately understood one another and now, after four years of collaboration, we can truly say we have a solid relationship built on trust. The project management assistance is a real asset in carrying out this type of project – we work together on updates and on the organization of reporting, it’s a real team effort with the guarantee that everything will be operational within the deadlines.

We now have some very solid functionalities that ensure the quality of environmental data on the Peugeot Citroen Retail perimeter for our auditor and our Group. Controls at the time of data entry, tracking data changes and the validation process enable us in particular to keep an eye on the sites and any information that could present problems. There is a real consistency in the Tennaxia approach focusing on the best way of meeting the needs of those responsible for non-financial reporting. We have developed our indicators based on recommendations made by our auditors, the PSA Group as well as our users aiming at a continuous improvement. The advisory aspect is important in moving us forward in the right direction. Tennaxia Sustainability Reporting has enabled us to bring real rigour and reliability to our reporting.

Another important advantage is the total compatibility of the tool with Excel, both for recovering historical data and exporting consolidated data. This really makes life easier, especially since exporting the data is done in no time and can be adjusted at will depending on the selected consolidation perimeter and period. »


How did Tennaxia add value to your reporting projects ?


Sarah Shafiezadeh : « The major benefit is the quality and traceability of the data that we are required to provide our external non-financial auditors as part of their audit of the PSA report. The ease of exporting data enables us to meet any internal demands. Currently Tennaxia Sustainability Reporting is the only tool which makes it possible to compile this information on the overall after-sales perimeter. Tennaxia Sustainability Reporting has enabled us to control separate parts of our network more effectively.

Reliable and secure data measurement means we can manage our energy consumption, our waste, etc. more effectively. This tool provides analysis information to each of our contributors so they can better manage their establishment. »