Paris [July 11, 2024] – The Tennaxia Group has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer: Julien Victor, an experienced executive from the software industry who has demonstrated his ability to lead international projects and integration projects at the highest level. This approach is part of a desire to continue the operations carried out (such as the acquisition of Traace), to accelerate growth and to internationalize.

A growth context in all the markets in which Tennaxia operates

Tennaxia’s growth continues to accelerate in its historical HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) market, with leading solutions in waste management, regulatory monitoring and compliance and risk management. At the same time, ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is growing strongly, driven in particular by a European regulatory context favourable to non-financial reporting and management solutions. As such, Tennaxia has demonstrated its dynamism and capacity for innovation by offering new solutions in line with the needs of the market (a solution dedicated to investors in 2022 and an ESG-related texts Monitoring solution in 2023). The acquisition last May of Traace, a greentech leader in carbon trajectory simulation footprint calculations, allows Tennaxia to consolidate its leadership position.

Strengthened governance to support its ambitions

In this context, Tennaxia has chosen to strengthen its governance, with the arrival of Julien Victor as Chief Executive Officer. With a major experience in the software industry, including through the development and execution of growth strategies in France and internationally, he has demonstrated his ability to bring together teams from different backgrounds. Having started in a company on a human scale, he was able to support it until it became the leader in its market, in particular through several external growth operations. He has been able to unite enthusiastic teams around him, some of his employees having worked alongside him for nearly 20 years. His interpersonal and human skills and his skills in software product development played an important role in the choice of Tennaxia’s shareholders, who are committed to maintaining team spirit and strong corporate values. “I am very enthusiastic about the quality of Tennaxia’s products and ambitious growth strategy, and proud to join teams that are experts in their fields and resolutely committed to serving their customers,” explains Julien Victor.

Bernard Fort, co-founder of the company with Maxime Delorme and former Chief Executive Officer, remains very involved in the future of Tennaxia: in agreement with all the shareholders who unanimously elected him Chairman of the Supervisory Board, he will work on the strategy to be carried out over the long term, identifying and analyzing opportunities for the company in France and internationally. “For more than 20 years, we have done a great job and built a group with a real corporate culture that is both caring and demanding, bringing together more than 160 committed employees. The potential for development is very great and it is important to give Tennaxia all the means for its future success. I am very happy to continue to serve the company and its clients differently and to help Julien, as well as our reference shareholder Marlin Equity Partners and the group’s teams, to work on the company’s long-term strategy. I am perfectly confident in Julien’s ability to succeed in his new challenge,” comments Bernard Fort.