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Case study – BEL Group

Uses Tennaxia to make its environmental data auditable.



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Interview with Noël Pallez, Environment and Expertise Manager, BEL Group.


What needs did the Tennaxia Sustainability Reporting software address ?


Noël Pallez : « The Bel Group first began CSR reporting in 2002 following the enactment of the French NRE (new economic regulations) law. Ongoing improvements in environmental indicators gradually made reporting difficult to control via a simple Excel file. Data was not protected nor stored in a secure database so there was a high risk of losing information.

We were also aware that this format did not allow for data traceability as required by our non-financial auditors. We were very keen to improve our approach to achieving the publication and verification objectives we are required to meet. Simplified management by means of a reporting tool was also intended to deliver time savings in terms of monitoring and analysing data, and consequently enables us to successfully implement our action plans.»


Why did you choose Tennaxia Sustainability Reporting ?


Noël Pallez : « When we received proposals from various vendors, Tennaxia stood out because they really mastered the challenges of non-financial reporting. Tennaxia had the most experience in sustainability reporting, brought a lot more than just a software platform, and really understood our users’ perspective.

We quickly felt there was a continuum in our environmental reporting project. We kept what was already in place and gained new functionalities that improved our processes. »


What were Tennaxia’s project management key strengths ?


Noël Pallez : «At project start, we checked our indicators’ relevance with the CSR advisory team and examined how we could improve our approach. This step was very helpful – it enabled us to ask ourselves the right questions, especially regarding issues that needed more consideration. It also enabled us to include more indicators than we used to track in our Excel files.

We were also really pleased to recover our historical data from the last two data collection campaigns. Since our first year with Tennaxia, we have been able to control data entry, and compare it with prior years’ data. The need for data recovery over two years is related to achieving our four-year environmental objectives. We can now measure our environmental performance between 2012 and 2015 more straightforwardly.

There was a good atmosphere between our two teams during the project management process. Our Tennaxia project leader had a very professional approach and listened carefully to our needs, which resulted in very good interaction and collaboration. Whenever needed, they sent us requests for information to develop the right configuration. We found their approach to be well structured, and their methodology enabled us to easily provide the requested information. The continuing involvement of a member of our IT department helped us get started with Tennaxia’s pre-formatted Excel files, especially since our environmental data was also available in this format.

We did not experience any difficulty with them, and never faced any bad surprises. The reporting tool is very well suited to our needs and has even opened up possibilities with functionalities that we had not really thought about, including managing indicators based on each site’s nature. »


How did your organization benefit from this project ?


Noël Pallez : « During our last Sustainability seminar we wanted to share this project’s success with colleagues who contributed to our reporting. We wanted to show them the benefits of our non-financial data collection system, such as user friendliness and project management assistance. Colleagues were happy with the simplicity with which Tennaxia’s Sustainability reporting software was implemented and monitored data collection.

As Environmental and Expertise Manager, I appreciate the ease with which I can now produce my internal benchmark and encourage all my sites to get even more involved in our environmental policy.»