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Verescence Testimonial

Verescence testimonial Tennaxia EHS client

In 2017, Verescence North America a world leader in glass bottle manufacturing for the Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry chose to implement Tennaxia’s Monitoring & Compliance software and its EHS management module.

Verescence has been supplying the biggest brands with glass for over 120 years due to an extensive know-how and expertise. At the cutting edge of technology, they offer worldwide industry coverage thanks to plants and sales offices established on two continents (America and Europe). Verescence is continually pushing the limits of their know-how to provide high-quality, innovative and eco-friendly product solutions for a host of international brands such as (Dior, Miu Miu, Mortlach etc.).

In 2017, as part of the Verescence Excellence strategy, the US sites were challenged by the Head Quarter to become ISO 14001.

To ensure we were efficient, we did an internal benchmark and we looked how our facilities in France and Spain( that were already ISO 14001 compliant) did it,” explain Joe DeCocco Director Human Resources and EHS at Verescence.

Joe and his team noticed that the other sites were using Tennaxia’s Monitoring & Compliance software and they were very satisfied with it. “We got exposed to Tennaxia for the first time, it’s a really impressive, comprehensive system, I was pleasantly surprised.” They decided to follow the other sites best practice and choose to use Tennaxia.

Verescence built an implementation plan based on a gap analysis which included an external and an internal audit. Tennaxia’s partner SGS did the assessment and then uploaded the data into Tennaxia’ software. “We are very happy with SGS and Tennaxia who are great subject matter experts. It was time well spent. Tennaxia’s Monitoring & Compliance software enables to list all the regulation, and every requirement applicable to our sites which is all we needed!” said Joe DeCocco.


Verescence : implement and use the software to improve the Group performance


We started the training with the basics which was very easy to navigate, very intuitive, all the features are very robust. I love the fact that you click on a regulation and it tells you everything you need to know. I also really enjoy the reporting, actions plan and scorecard capabilities” explained Joe.

The sites in the US are still at an early stage of the process but they already acknowledge the significant benefits the tool has for team management, especially from an awareness, compliance and accountability standpoint. Joe’s team noticed how once they started to upload and share the information it elevated everyone in the company. “The system raises awareness at the company and the site level, regarding our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives and KPIs enabling Verescence to more strategically manage their performance.

Each site is different and has different needs and requirements due to their geographical area (US, Spain, France) and type of activity (manufacturing, decoration, offices). “We enjoyed the fact that we could simplify the way we use the tool compare to how Verescence France is currently using it. My recommendation for someone who is considering a management system software for EHS and CSR is to purchase the whole Tennaxia package. It’s a gold standard. Everything is designed for you.” explained Joe DeCocco.

Verescence also recognizes the added value of using Tennaxia for communication perspective. Indeed, it enables them to be consistent across the group, with common goals regarding their EHS&S and CSR strategy, but also common vocabulary, KPIs and objectives. According to Joe, it especially helped the US sites to be compliant with the group strategy and respond to specific investors and clients requests.