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The performance of your company is now appreciating globally: financial performance and extra-financial performance add up. Much more than a regulatory obligation, extra-financial reporting , also called CSR reporting (Corporate Social Responsibility), is an indispensable tool for managing your performance.

Efficiently control your non-financial performance

Non-financial reporting (also knows as sustainability or corporate responsibility reporting) is an essential element in managing overall performance. Whatever the objective that your company would like to achieve, the success of your sustainability reporting depends on the use of simple, effective software and consulting solutions. Tennaxia solutions facilitate the collection, reliability, consolidation and analysis of your data. They allow you to :

Structure your sustainability reporting efficiently


Identify items that can influence non-financial performance


Ensure compliance with regulatory and voluntary reporting requirements and facilitate third-party audits

Tennaxia solutions are, today, used by more than 10,000 customer sites in more than 70 countries.


Save time in your sustainability reporting process

Increase the reliability of your data and their traceability

Reduce your sustainability reporting costs

Give meaning to your data and identify areas where sustainability performance can be improved

Simplify your audits and give them greater validity

Business process

With the Sustainability Reporting software, Tennaxia follows a streamline business process:


Phase 1: System set-up and training


Phase 4: Consolidation


Phase 2: Collection of operating data


Phase 3: Ensure the data entry and validation process is reliable


Phase 5: Analysis, summaries, data and graphical reports

Our services

Set up


Comprehensive set-up, 100% customised, multilingual and reflecting your Group’s organisation. Ability to add in historical data, to enable a comparison over several years. If this is your first reporting season, we can assist you in defining your indicators (entry checks, validation workflow, etc.).



We deploy a dedicated team of sustainability and IT experts to work with each client. We use a rigorous, step by step roll out methodology. Our priority is to make your project a complete success in a timely manner!



We provide overall management of training in the use of the software, adapted to your various user profiles (contributors, validators and approvers). We are here to assist you with organizing training (managing invitations, monitoring registrations, etc.).

Operational assistance


In addition to being responsible for hosting and the technical hot line, we can provide assistance throughout your Sustainability reporting process: monitoring the progress of data collection in real time (and issuing reminders to the various parties involved), analysing data entered (as it is entered), managing justification requests, etc.

What makes us different

Controlled fixed package prices

The preferred solutions during Audits

A 100% service solution. Our consultants will support you throughout your project, including during its operational phase

A 100% cloud-based solution that can be deployed quickly

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