Suppliers Sustainable Performance

Corporate social responsibility is expanding. Companies are encouraged to be concerned about the environmental and governance risks associated with their operations and those of their subcontractors and suppliers. In this context, the management of extra-financial indicators extends to suppliers.

Your suppliers performance… is key to your own performance

Today, your non-financial performance depends on that of your suppliers. Consequently, for an increasing number of companies, it is essential to engage in a constructive dialogue with suppliers regarding their sustainability and corporate responsibility performance. Further, you need to be able to regularly and efficiently collect suppliers’ data and assess their performance in relation to a certain set of key indicators. These may be either “standard” (so, defined based on international standards, such as the central questions in ISO 26000) or “customized”, i.e. defined according to the company’s specific issues.

Tennaxia Suppliers Performance Software facilitates the collection, reliability, consolidation and analysis of sustainable data from your suppliers. It allows you to:

Efficiently structure your suppliers’ sustainability reporting


Issue your procedures and charters to your suppliers


Monitor the application of your purchasing policy, which could be formalized in a "Responsible Purchasing Charter"


Identify "supplier risks"


Identify elements that could influence improvements in the non-financial performance of your suppliers, to control and improve your own performance, and integrate easily with your internal sustainability data collection and management


Secure your supply chain by reducing your supplier risks

Save time in your supplier reporting process

Increase the reliability of the data collected

Engage with your suppliers in a joint sustainability performance process

Business Process

With the Tennaxia Suppliers Performance Software, follow a simple process, 100% consistent with “business logic”:


Phase 1: Set up the system


Phase 2: Issue your procedures and charters (e.g. Responsible Purchasing Charter)


Phase 3: Collect data from your suppliers


Phase 4: Check reliability and validate data on entry


Phase 5: Consolidation


Phase 6: Analyzes, summaries and graphic reports

Our services

Beyond the implementation of Tennaxia Suppliers Performance Software, our teams provide:

Setting up


Complete configuration: from proposed indicators through to their configuration in the application and the creation of supplier questionnaires.

Operational assistance


In addition to being responsible for hosting and the technical hot line, we can provide assistance throughout your supplier reporting process: monitoring the progress of data collection in real time (and issuing reminders to the various parties involved), analysing data entered (as it is entered), managing justification requests, etc. Our staff is also available to assist you with supplier audits.

What makes us different

A 100% cloud-based solution that can be deployed very quickly

Standards & measured prices

A 100% service solution. We will support you throughout your project, including during its operational phase. (See our services below)

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