EHS Regulatory Compliance

Beyond knowing the list of regulatory requirements that apply to it, a company will be interested in whether or not it complies with them. In case of a negative answer, the company will define an adapted action plan. Tennaxia Regulatory software facilitates the sustainable compliance of your business.

Stay in control of your regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is at the heart of companies’ concerns, since regulatory non-compliance can have a very significant impact on them. To stay in control of their situation, companies have to equip themselves with solutions that enable them to manage their regulatory compliance as effectively as possible.

Tennaxia EHS Regulatory compliance software enables you to manage your sites’ regulatory compliance with precision. With it, you can:


Select and manage applicable requirements by site


Record your compliance status by site


Manage any corrective action plans in real time


Make your activities secure

Bring your ehs regulatory compliance management process secure

Make your management systems more sustainable (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001 , MASE, ILO-OSH 2001, etc.)

Control / reduce your management costs

If you are part of a group, develop a common language and methodology to facilitate governance within your company


Complete management of compliance processes :


Selection of applicable regulatory requirements from regulatory monitoring


Management of "EHS compliance states"


Setting up alerts if regulatory change impacting your compliance


Publishing numerous dashboards for real management EHS compliance

Complete management of your action plans :


Managing your corrective actions


Involving your colleagues


Taking into account the costs of compliance

What makes us different

A 100% on-line solution that can be introduced very quickly

A 100% service solution that adapts to your needs

Solution highly valued by auditors

Firm control of the compliance audit, thanks to the experience of over a hundred audits per year

Our consultants and those of our international partners are also at your disposal to conduct a (complete or partial) audit of your site(s).