White paper

What is a good non-financial reporting tool ?

This white paper is intended for anyone wishing to set up a new computer tool for constructing a sound and reliable Sustainability reporting process. You are: a company director, a Sustainability or sustainable development manager, in charge of a computer project, of Sustainability reporting or a Chief Financial Officer and you are wondering how to choose a good software package to help you?
You normally use tools like Excel, SharePoint or others and you need a more efficient and reliable tool to manage your Sustainability data? This publication will guide your approach by showing you the pitfalls to avoid, the features of a good Sustainability reporting tool and the good practices to follow.

Why this white paper ?

This “white paper” aims to help you understand the key points of a “good Sustainability reporting tool” that makes your Sustainability reporting process really efficient: more greater productivity, reliability, and real sustainability.

You can download the full white paper by filling out the form.It will be automatically sent by email.

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