Sustainability approach

Every day, the members of the Tennaxia team commit themselves for the development of their company.
They bring to life our CSR approach that is at the heart of the Tennaxia project.

Our approach

At the start of the 21st century, Tennaxia’s aim is to assist businesses to improve their sustainability performance. This often means taking their corporate, environmental and societal impacts into consideration, so as to respond to the issues presented by the necessity for sustainable development.

In our consultancy strategies and training, as in our CSR reporting software, we take on board the principles of the Global Compact and encourage our clients to demonstrate their adherence to them by committing to a responsible, virtuous approach. Furthermore, our company is built on a base of human values, transparency and ethics, which we have formalised in our company plan and internal ethical code.

At Tennaxia, we are convinced that performance and societal responsibility go hand in hand. Businesses, us included, creates value for them and the eco-systems with which they interact: understanding these interactions and their links with their performance is a critical issue which can only lead to a progressive, innovative approach. Consequently, it was natural for us to set an example by registering as a member of the Global Compact.

Bernard Fort
Chief Executive Officer

Our issues and engagements

Governance issue : Placing ethics at the heart of our business, creating shared value and taking our financial and non-financial results into consideration.

Corporate issue: Providing a high level of skills, while contributing to the professional growth and well-being of our employees.

Societal issue: Putting ourselves forward as a partner in local growth and social integration, contributing to the spread of good societal practices through dialogue with our stakeholders, information and communication.

Environmental issue: Reducing the company’s overall impact, both for our consulting business and as a software publisher. Together with our stakeholders, we are defining our operational commitments and linking them to action plans, guided by key indicators.

The UN Global Compact

Tennaxia supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact

Tennaxia supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact regarding respect for human rights, international labor standards, protection of the environment and the fight against corruption. we express our will to integrate these principles into the strategy of our company, its culture, its daily operations, and to advance in our area of influence.

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