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Tennaxia is committed to sponsorship alongside actors whose conviction is a real strength. Their desire, their values and their ability to go after their projects have seduced us and will not fail to attract you ... These unforgettable meetings have given birth to projects that we like to share!

Meeting with Morgan Bourc’his

Tennaxia has been supporting Morgan Bourc'his since 2009 and it is with great pride that we follow his exploits and ... what exploits! Morgan is an apneist resident in Marseille, member of the French team since 2005 and 2013 world champion in constant weight without fins. Holds a DEA STAPS in Exercise Physiology with a dissertation on the cardiovascular physiology of apnea. At the beginning year of 2014, he wanted to adopt a professional approach. He offers his services for conferences, consulting in company, organizes courses of apnea. Morgan Bourc'his maintains with the sea, and more particularly the Mediterranean and the Calanques, an intense fusional relationship. You can also find out more by visiting his website : or his page Facebook - Instagram - Linked In . Regularly follow Morgan's latest performances ... If you too, like Tennaxia, want to do sponsorship by supporting Morgan, contact us!

Meeting with Rémy Marion

Rémy Marion is passionate about nature and concerned about the environment. Without a certain preservation of the environment... his passion is doomed to disappear! We met Remy in 2009. The meeting was evident by the personality of Rémy but also his passion ... polar bears ! A nice parallel with our logo and especially a strong symbol in our world. Talking about life, polar bears in particular, is very revealing of climate change ... We created together the association Poles Actions in 2010. It aims to carry out activities of awareness, education and training. support for research in polar and subpolar regions. All its founding members are involved in the protection of these regions, through their professional and / or personal activities. To follow all the news, please consult his site. If you too, like Tennaxia, want to do some sponsorship by supporting Rémy Marion, contact us!

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