Club Tennaxia

Club Tennaxia is a permanent working and discussion area for Tennaxia and its clients. User representatives are invited to take part in the annual Club Tennaxia convention - an important event which enables us to remain close to our clients and to discuss their current and future needs.

How Club Tennaxia is organized ?

Working meetings take place every year focusing on a “major business topic”: Regulatory, Management, Operational, Sustainability Reporting. The purpose of these days is to talk about your needs, to put forward solutions (specifications, actions) that meet those needs. These meetings are held with groups of five or six clients. The result of the work done during these working groups is presented to you at Club Tennaxia.

If you are a current client and you would like to take part in these working sessions, please contact us ! In addition to these meetings, Club Tennaxia meets every year for two days of work and discussions :


Talks by experts on current topics


Lessons learned, recounted by our customers, from solutions and organizations that they have put in place related to EHS and Sustainability topics: Watch and regulatory compliance, management systems, Sustainability reporting, waste and water management, etc...


Presentation of the work done by product improvement committees


Tennaxia Solutions discovery workshop

Meet together with professionals

It is also the opportunity to meet each other in the EHS and/or Sustainability functions and to chat informally about current projects and the solutions adopted.

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