Tennaxia helps companies sustain and increase their sustainability performance


Since 2001, Tennaxia has been helping businesses to sustain and improve their sustainability performance by providing them with overall solutions combining “on-line software” with “business consulting”.

Our clients’ needs

  • Reduce their risks and EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) costs,
  • Meet their main regulatory obligations,
  • Manage their sustainability performance,
  • Anticipate their stakeholders demands,
  • Facilitate their governance.


Our beliefs and action principles

  • We believe in combining “consulting and SaaS software” (Internet based),
  • We develop simple, innovative software solutions, “focused” on their subject and easy to implement,
  • We want to provide our clients with the right answer to their real needs: we would rather not provide a client with a solution, than provide one that doesn’t meet their needs,
  • We are committed for the long term,
  • We share a common vision with our stakeholders, the most important of which are our employees, clients and partners. All our solutions are the result of a joint effort.

Our resources

  • A multi-disciplinary team: designers, developers, consultants, lawyers, a support service, etc,
  • A software platform that has been developed 100% internally,
  • More than 100 audits and on-site assignments each year,
  • A very active client club: Club Tennaxia,
  • A formalised CSR policy, based on our own reference text and internal values.

>98% of satisfied customers each year


our commitments

We are 100% committed to:

  • Provide you the correct answer to your real needs

    We help understand and address your real needs with a subtle blend of consulting, software solutions, content and services tailored to your need and budget!

  • Provide you with effective and quality solutions

    Each of our solutions is the result of our entire team’s reflection. We put ourselves in our customers’ place: we tailor our solutions to your issues, in an ergonomic and user-friendly way. Our commitments are documented in a Quality Assurance Plan.

  • Satisfy you sustainably

    We have at heart to maintain a quality relationship with our customers and prospects. The Tennaxia Club allows us to measure customer satisfaction every year and put into perspective their expectations for the continuous improvement of our solutions.

The management team

Picture Bernard Fort Tennaxia

Bernard Fort. CEO and co-founder

Bernard has worked for nearly 20 years in the environmental field and was previously responsible for marketing and sales at Séché Environnement and Solvay. Through his contacts with his customers there, he noted a real need for an environmental information system, which led him to create Tennaxia in 2001. As CEO of Tennaxia, Bernard has the overall responsibility for all business operations. Bernard graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Paris. He is the founder of the “Centrale Association Start-Up” and is committed to the economic development of Laval, where Tennaxia’s headquarters are located. As part of the Institute of Mentoring, Bernard was accompanied for 18 months by Bernard Bourigeaud-founder of Atos Origin Group – who has since become a shareholder in Tennaxia. Learn more about the Institute here : Institut du Mentorat Entrepreneurial.


Picture_Maxime_DelormeMaxime Delorme, Director of Technology and co-founder

Maxime founded the company with Bernard in 2001. Since then, he has been responsible for  the entire process of designing, developing and testing of the Tennaxia software. In the world of Open Source, he also helps in improving the technological building blocks used by Tennaxia. Maxime is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris. He is a member of the board of Tennaxia.


Christophe Remy TennaxiaChristophe Rémy, EHS Consulting ans Support Director

Ex Head of EHS Silmeca, Christophe has been a Health, Safety and Environment expert for 15 years. His role is to manage both the EHS consulting services and the deployment of our software solutions. Christophe also shares his extensive knowledge of the field with the marketing team to define products and trends. Christophe is a graduate of ESIP.


picture-Bertrand-Desmier-TennaxiaBertrand Desmier, Sustainability Consulting Director

In 2001, Bertrand Desmier, an expert in corporate communication and change management, became involved in sustainable development by conviction, becoming auditor of the College of Higher Studies of the Environment and Sustainable Development. He has designed sustainable development tools and awareness campaigns for companies and institutions. Today, he accompanies organizations in the implementation of their Sustainability approach, with a strong emphasis on the implementation of reporting and their Sustainability report. Recognized by his peers, Bertrand manages all the Sustainability consulting in Tennaxia.